Coven Ovens..Ready for any event

Coven Ovens..Ready for any event

COVEN has been the ideal partner for food and catering industry for over 20 years. The company produces a wide range of professional ovens for gastronomy, bakery, and pastry as well as for banqueting and catering.

Coven offers a wide range of customizable solutions, such as convection ovens and combi steamers with boiler or direct steam. Depending on the specific needs of the customer, each machine can be supplied with either electrical power or gas with a capacity ranging from a minimum of four to a maximum of forty trays.

The top of the range is represented by the PRO model, which is available in all combi versions and has an intuitive interface. Indeed, thanks to a touch screen display the user can view and manage all the commands in a simple way, through icons. Moreover, cooking (55 recipes) or maintenance (automatic washing, night or delayed starting) programs can be selected just through a few simple commands.

This model is also equipped with a USB port that allows daily data downloads, so that the work processes of the oven can be stored in compliance with HACCP standards. Through this device it will also be possible to store new recipes created by the user. A clear interface provides a simple dialogue between the user and the machine in order to speed up and optimize processes.

What we think

Although Coven is not as well known in the UK as the main stream oven suppliers they offer great value for money and can really match others for functionality. They are built to a high standard, robust and easy to use. We certainly like the ovens and support from the company is fantastic, coupled with Parry and ourselves you will not go wanting.