Kitchen Fire Safety

Kitchen Fire Safety

Please don`t let this happen to you.

70 Customers and staff were evacuated this week from a restaurant in Barnet.

The fire started in the restaurants extraction system.

A London Fire Brigade spokesperson warned that restaurants had a duty to make sure their kitchens are properly cleaned: “Restaurant and take-away owners should always take care to make sure their extraction systems are kept clean as a build up of fat and grease within the filters can lead to a fire.”
“Crews had to extensively cut away ducting, which ran from the ground floor to the roof of the building, to find out where within the extraction system the fire was located,” explained the spokesperson, adding that the cause of the fire was believed to be “accidental”, due to cooking igniting grease and fat which spread through the inside of the ducting.

As business owners we have a responsibility to ensure the safety of all of those who enter our restaurant. It is expected that you have the canopy and extraction system checked and cleaned every year.

If you need help or any further information, please do call us.