Sammic A Way of Thinking

Sammic A Way of Thinking

Sammic is a group companies with established bases in five European countries (Spain, France, Holland, Portugal and the United Kingdom) and the USA, and has over 50 years’ experience supplying the hospitality and food production industries with a range of ware washing and dynamic food production equipment, including vacuum-packing.

With its extensive distribution network, it can guarantee an active presence in over 60 countries globally and, being at the forefront of design and production techniques, is in an ideal position to observe social and cultural changes as they occur and pass this information on to its partners, keeping them one step ahead of the competition.

With a range of equipment spanning the many requirements of the hospitality and food production industries including food manufacturing and assembly, hotels, restaurants, fast food, pubs, leisure, education, healthcare and institutions, Sammic’s product portfolio includes peelers, mixers, liquidisers, blenders, vegetable preparation, processors, mincers, saws, vacuum packing, juice extractors, drinks mixers, ware, dish, utensil and glass washers and cutlery driers and polishers.

When purchasing kitchen equipment operators will often look for items that are quality manufactured, intuitively designed and cost effective to run. Utilising its in-depth understanding of market trends, and being a business founded on high quality customer service, Sammic boasts a new product development programm that is focused on the needs of the operator. It employs some of the most advanced design and engineering methods available in the manufacture of its products, resulting in a range of equipment that is widely recognised for its simplicity, reliability and affordability.

What we think.

We have known Sammic for a number of years and consider many of the staff in the UK friends. We enjoy a similar ethos when helping customers, the keywords for both of us is helping. Their products range is well designed and provides value for money. When dealing with Sammic the key thing for us is service, experience and knowledge, what will you think?