Boiling Kettles

A boiling kettle, steam jacketed kettle or boiling pan as they are sometimes known as is a kitchen workhorse that uses steam to prepare many different menu items, including soups, stews, gravies, puddings, sauces, pasta, eggs and rice.  

Boiling kettles can also used to braise meats, boil large quantities of water and reheat food.   The most commonly sold items in the UK are connected directly to cold water supply so can also be used for tasks such as cooling hot foods and mixing cold salads and salad dressings.

The use of crank or electric tilting steam-jacketed kettles to replace large 20-40 litre stockpots can reduce heavy lifting and the chance of spills.

The use of a range-top stockpot cooking could duplicate many of a kettle’s functions, but a steam kettle provides more efficient heat transfer and a larger product contact surface than a stockpot, allowing more food to be cooked faster.

Steam kettles heat more evenly than stockpots on a range top, which typically have hot and cold spots.  This means they are ideal for heat-sensitive foods such as cream-based sauces and sugar-based desserts and icings.  

They can eliminate product loss from scorching or burn-on.  Kettles are also safer and easier to use than large stockpots on open burner ranges.