Commercial Work Tables & Stations

Our large range of stainless steel fabricated work tables and equipment stands are fabricated in the UK by skilled craftsmen and available in over 1000 widths depths and construction combinations so we are sure to have what you need.

Dumb Waiters and Work Stations
Dumb Waiters & Restaurant Work Stations are great front-of-house items that allow you to create an inviting entrance for your guests.

Manufactured from heavy duty wood grain melamine faced chipboard with high impact edges in a range of 12 different wood grain types and colours.

Catering Equipment Stands & Tables
Using a catering equipment stand or table ensures that your catering appliances are at the correct ergonomic working height so improving staff safety whilst cooking pr preparing food.

Stainless Steel Work Tables
Whether you own a restaurant, hotel, or catering business, or you run a bakery, cafe, or supermarket, we have kitchen Stainless Steel Work Tables for you.

Available in a range of depths from 500mm to 800mm and in widths from 300 to 2300 making up a combined range of nearly 1000 products.
Handmade by skilled craftsmen based in the UK.