Steam Cooking Equipment

Let Advantage Catering Equipment take the pressure off and help you select the right steam cooking equipment for your busy kitchen.

Steam power and steam cooking is a popular energy source in foodservice kitchens as it is a very effective heat transfer medium and because it is a healthy cooking method that doesn’t rely on edible oils, batters or extensive seasoning to impart flavour. 

Steam can be used to cook in direct contact with foods (steamers, combi ovens) or to gently and uniformly transfer heat via conduction through a jacket (steam jacketed kettles, steam griddles).  Steam is generated for use in the foodservice industry in many different ways. 

The combi steamer oven is likely to be the most versatile piece of cooking equipment in your kitchen. These hugely innovative ovens offer three cooking methods in one oven, allowing you to choose between pressure-less steam, convected heat, or a combination of both.

A boiling kettle, steam jacketed kettle or boiling pan as they are sometimes known as is a kitchen workhorse that uses steam to prepare many different menu items, including soups, stews, gravies, puddings, sauces, pasta, eggs and rice.  

Atmospheric steamer ovens or pressure-less steamers have long been used in high volume environments such as schools but more recently have been one of the fastest growth equipment categories, driven by menu trends and the desire for healthier foods.

Bratt pans, tilting skillets or braising pans as they are sometimes known are fabricated with a stainless steel or cast iron flat griddle plate base, with vertical sidewalls, a front pouring lip and a hinged, stainless steel cover.