Steamer Ovens


Power Type

Combi Oven Capacity

Atmospheric steamer ovens or pressure-less steamers have long been used in high volume environments such as schools but more recently have been one of the fastest growth equipment categories, driven by menu trends and the desire for healthier foods.

Pressureless steamers are well suited for a wide variety of foods, including fresh or frozen seafood and vegetables, including loose individually quick frozen packs frozen or frozen block vegetables. Because the cavity is continuously vented and condensate drained, unwanted flavour transfer from one food product to another is eliminated.

Perforated gastronorm pans are used for cooking most food items in a steamer, but some foods such as pastas, rice, scrambled eggs, certain kinds of beef dishes, frozen casseroles and pasta are prepared in solid pans or a perforated pan nested in a deeper solid pan.

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