Bonzer Eazi-Group Pro-Fondi

Product No: 12153-01

Product Description

Bonzer Eazi-Group Pro-Fondi

The Pro-Fondi offers a small footprint åÊtherefore takes up less space than a traditional knock box,åÊno more banging åÊand damaging group handles or boxes.

When you place the handle in the top of the åÊunit the rotary automatically starts, cleaning around the inside of the group head.åÊQuiet and efficient
Waste is collected in a bag, out of sight.

Easy to install and low maintenance costs, Avoids messy foot boards and floors and keeps the group heads on your coffee machine cleaner.åÊ

Collects and disposes of coffee grounds in a hygienic way, faster than knocking and wiping clean!!

Dating back to the 1920's Bonzer has designed and manufactured catering equipment in their UK factory. The Bonzer brand is also well regarded in the hot beverage industry for the Bonzer cup and lid dispenser range. 50% of those found in the UK is likely be a Bonzer dispenser. From cup dispensing to cocktail ware and portion control, Bonzer has a distinct place in the market.



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