Bonzer Hexdome Cup Stacker

Product No: 12593-01

Product Description

The Bonzer Hexdome Cup Stacker provides an innovative on counter solution for storing cups neatly and hygienically.

Holds a variety of different cups & lids and is dishwasher safe

A cup dispenser cuts down on wasted storage space and helps you organise self-serve beverage stations or work stations behind the counter. From food service to office locations we’ve have the cup dispenser to suit your business.

Dating back to the 1920's Bonzer has designed and manufactured catering equipment in their UK factory. The Bonzer brand is also well regarded in the hot beverage industry for the Bonzer cup and lid dispenser range. 50% of those found in the UK is likely be a Bonzer dispenser. From cup dispensing to cocktail ware and portion control, Bonzer has a distinct place in the market.



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Quick Facts

  • Expandable Modular System
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Hold A Large Range Of Cup Sizes
  • In the event of equipment failure any parts needed will be provided
  • This product is Made in Britain