Bonzer Pacnvac Gastronorm Compatible Container 1/6Gn

Product No: 12095-07

Product Description

Bonzer Pacnvac Gastronorm Compatible Container 1/6Gn

The unique Vacuum Valve Gastronorm sized food containers come with colour co-ordinated lid & base identification to prevent cross contamination.
Unique Vacuum Valve gives 100% air tight seal, by simply pressing down the lid the air is expelled to create a vacuum.
These containers are made from a high quality opaque bPA polycarbonate.

The lid & base parts are available in various HACCP colours.
This container is available in gastronorm sizes and has gastronorm support wings.
Capacity measurements are on the container.

All container are 100mm deep and are safe to hold up to 100 deg C.


External dimensions
172 x 162 x 100
General capacity


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