Hendi 835401 Frying Pan, With Non-Stick Coating 240mm

Product No: 835401

Product Description

Sanded pan with high gloss polished heavy bumper.
Solid handles with multi-point fixing to the pot surface which don't get hot.
Sandwich type bottom (stainless steel/aluminium/stainless steel) combines the heat distribution of aluminium with the durability and magnetic properties of stainless steel to allow induction cooking.
The bottom is formed by special impact bonding, causing the whole surface of the component layers to weld seamlessly - this guarantees corrosion resistance and optimal heat conduction.
All lids are made of 1 mm stainless steel with steam release holes.
Teflon¸ Platinum Plus non-stick coating.
Long hollow handle of stainless steel.
Riveted handle.
wall (mm): 0.7
mm: 240x(H)45

Hendi is one of the world's leading names in commercial catering equipment. Formed in 1934, Hendi??s core activities are the development, production, sales and distribution of a wide range of non-food catering equipment and accessories. Continuous innovation and focus on quality and service characterise our products.



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