Hoshizaki Snowflake SBU40HT Blast Chiller / Freezer

Product No: SBU40HT

Product Description

The Snowflake SBU40HT blast chiller / freezers is capable of chilling 42kg in 90 minutes or freezing 25kg in 4 hours meeting the fundamental requirements of your cook-chill operation and ease your daily workflow.

SBU brings the core temperature of cooked food through the high risk temperature range between +70C and +10C as fast as possible. Taste and appearance are maintained while vitamins and natural goodness are preserved. The ventilation cell does not directly ventilate on the food items.

Durable stainless steel construction with smooth surfaces and watertight, rounded internal corners. The hinged fan cover panel provides easy access to the evaporator and fan during cleaning. Also the shelf supports are easy to remove for cleaning. The door has an easy removable magnetic door gasket.

A time cycle is automatically started if the user places food inside the blast chiller and forgets to start process cycle. After each cycle, food safety is ensured via the automatic switching to the positive and/or negative STORAGE phase. Cycles in HARD and SOFT mode are available to regard all types of food



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