Hendi 193761 Liquid Fuel With Wick 4 Hours 4 x 6 Pack

Product No: 193762

Product Description

Burns without soot or odours.
This fuel is made of pure diethylene glycol (DEG), which is also used as antifreeze in radiators. By using a wick the DEG can be vaporized and burned despite its relatively high flame point of 143›C.
Hendi sells this fuel in closed, non-refillable metal cans of 145 or 200 grams. In addition, 198 gram cans of "Blaze" brand aluminium cans are available.
The burning time of a can is inversely proportional to the intensity of its flame, which may be adjusted by changing the exposed height of the wick.

Use: place the can directly below a chafing dish or other heating appliance suitable for use with liquid fuel open flames.

Burning time: ¤ 4 hours for 145 gram cans, ¤ 6 hours for 198 and 200 grams cans.

Heat output: about 50% of ethanol-based burning gel.

Advantages in comparison to burning gel:
- Safer to use. No hazardous refilling. Flame is more visible and predictable.
- Cans stay cool enough to touch safely. May be used without fuel holder.
- Safer in case of accidents. Any spillage will be minimal and difficult to ignite.
- Properly re-sealable and re-usable.
- Easy to extinguish by blowing or replacing the cap.
- Cost per burning hour comparable to ethanol-based burning gel.
- Less intense flame. Reduces chance that Chafing Dish water pans will boil dry.

Diethylene Glycol is a hazardous irritant. Always wash hands after skin contact with the liquid, preferably wear latex gloves to adjust the wick height.
A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is available on the Hendi website, we recommend printing a copy and keeping it nearby.
Hendi tin with wick, contains 100% diethylene glycol.
Burns up completely.
Soot and odour free.
Special wick provides proper burning temperature and time.
The can does not overheat, no fuel holder needed.
Equal flame temperature and height during the whole burning process.
Box 4x6 tins.
Due to the special cap, it is possible to use the same can several times, store it and transport it safely.
burns ¤ 4 hours
order unit: 4
packed per: 6 in tray
g: 145
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