Nemox Frix Air Reconstituting Machine

Product No: 12060-01

Product Description

Frix Air is a professional machine for preparing a whole range of imaginative dishes from appetizers to desserts. Prepare mousses, sauces, creams, soups, ice creams, sorbets and even cocktails. Frix Air mixes and blends all of the ingredients into a delicate and velvety texture, preserving all of the natural flavours.

Frix Air allows Chef to offer a diverse, varied and delicious menu each day. Plus you never have to waste expensive ingredients again.

Simply freeze or blast chill your ingredients in the plastic containers to -20å¡ C. When needed take them directly from the freezer and place in the stainless steel bowl holder, place in the Frix Air. The high speed blades mix, blend and aerate the frozen produce into a velvety liquid once again. Fresh ingredients can also be used.

Two cycle speeds are available; Press START for the standard cycle which is 2 minutes or by pressing FAST you start a 1 minute cycle.
The silicone gasket seals the container while air under pressure of ca. 2 bars is pumped into the container.

Whilst air is pumped in under pressure the powerful stainless steel blades rotate slicing ultra thin slices of frozen ingredients, the other blades (airplane wing shape) mixes air and the ingredients producing the desired effect of a creamy, velvety texture.




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  • Equipment may be supplied with a moulded plug but may be more suitably connected to a fused spur
  • In the event of equipment failure an engineer will be sent for an onsite repair
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