Valentine Lightfry

Product No: Lightfry

Product Description

Lightfry is based on Air Fry Technology, which makes French fries and all kinds of finger food without the need to add even
a single drop of oil or fat. Steam, hot air and motion are used instead. The cooking process is divided into two steps. First,
a steam phase during which the product is thoroughly cooked. Then comes the second phase the crisp phase during which a
fan with very hot and dry air gives a crispy surface. Everything happens in a rotating basket in a closed oven chamber.

The lightfry has fantastic benefits, No oil at all and save up to 50% less energy compared to similar fryers. Also with automatic emptying and an integrated cleaning system.

Valentine were introduced to the UK market in 1956 with a huge range of catering equipment. During this time there has been continued innovation, research and development by Valentine in Switzerland and Valentine Equipment in the UK.

The Valentine brand is recognized globally and is used by all sectors of the hospitality and food service markets.


Capacity (kg)
External depth (mm)
External height (mm)
External width (mm)
Number of baskets
Power rating (kw)
Power type
Electric 3 Phase
Weight (kg)


Regular price £8,732.00 exc. VAT £10,478.40 inc. VAT

Quick Facts

  • Ventless Frying
  • Odorless
  • No oil frying
  • Auto Clean
  • In the event of equipment failure an engineer will be sent for an onsite repair
  • In the event of equipment failure any parts needed will be provided
  • No delivery charge on this item – Highlands and Islands excepted
  • Equipment that should be connected to a suitably rated outlet - must be installed by a competent person
  • Item weighs over 100kg and will need care and planning to get into position
  • Equipment can be connected to a three phase power supply – must be installed by a competent person