Bar Refrigeration

Browse our selection of Bar Refrigeration Machines essential for keeping your beer, wine and cocktails at a perfect ready to serve temperature. These refrigerated cabinets are ideal for storing  and displaying your bottles, cans and frosted glasses.

Back Bar Bottle Coolers

Use a Back Bar Bottle Cooler to keep your canned or bottled beer, soft drinks, or wine chilled and easily accessible.

We have models fit behind your bar or under your counter so you can save space in your serving area. Whether you run a hotel bar or a pub a bar cooler helps you provide cold beverages quickly for your customers.

Glass Frosters

A Glass Froster or Glass Chiller is perfect addition to your busy bar for presenting craft beers, sodas, and other beverages that you want served ice cold!

Nothing beats a cocktail or beer served in an ice cold, frosted glass!

Our glass frosting cabinets ensure rapid cooling and frosting of all type of glasses as well as the chilling of a wide range of liqueurs. They are the perfect complement at any bar, restaurant or club, its front or top loading design ensures a fast efficient delivery of ice cold glasses.

Mini Bar Fridges

Add a Mini Bar Fridge to anywhere that you don't want the motor noise produced by a more traditionally operating refrigerator.

These solid door and glass door fridges are commonly used in guest bedrooms due to their near silent operation.

You should be aware that due to their method of operation they often do not reach the lower temperatures reached by traditional fridges so should only be used where  this level of cooling is not necessary. 

Top Loading Bottle Coolers

A Top Loading Bottle Cooler is designed for back bar or under-bar use where bottle display is less important than being able to serve and store larger volumes of beverages.  

Bottle chest models are available with either a sliding glass doors assembly or a bi-fold hinged door and can be either a solid door or a toughened glass door to allow contents to be seen without opening. Perfect at busy times when service and stocking are paramount. The reduced opening times for the glass door option help to reduce running costs.

Wine Fridges & Wine Coolers

Wine Coolers, Wine Fridges or Wine Storage Cabinets are the perfect piece of refrigeration equipment to store and showcase your product.

These freestanding units are available in a range of sizes and colours from a simple under counter or half height glass door wine fridge to a wine library of almost unlimited size if you are wanting to create a feature wall in your hotel or restaurant.