Display Refrigerators

Using a Commercial Display Refrigerator will improve your product visibility and lead to increased sales of your chilled drinks, patisserie, dairy and specialty items.

Perfect for use in your convenience store, supermarket, deli, or petrol station and designed to increase impulse sales by presenting your food items in a display refrigerator. These units will keep drinks, salads, snacks, sushi and tapas foods chilled and fresh. We have many different sizes, styles, and capacities so are bound to have the right product for your business.

Glass Door Refrigerators

A commercial Glass Door Display Fridge is an essential piece of equipment for your convenience store, supermarket, deli or cafeteria. These units keep bottled beverages, sandwiches, milk, salads, wraps, and grab-and-go snacks chilled and at safe serving temperatures. As a glass door merchandiser has a clear front, customers can easily see their contents, which helps increase impulse sales.


Use a Multideck Refrigerator to display a variety of ready-made foods, desserts, and beverages at your foodservice. These refrigerators are open, which makes them easily accessible to your customers. To prevent the cold air from escaping, these products blow air either horizontally or vertically across the opening, keeping the interior cold.

Patisserie Display

Curved and straight front glass Patisserie units to suit any Bakery or Deli outlet.  Perfect for cafes and restaurants that wish to display their food, great for drinks and sandwiches. These cold and ambient food display cabinets are ideal for the display of pastries and sweets. Bright stainless steel throughout with toughened glass front and side screen provides excellent product display on multiple levels for maximum food merchandising.

Sushi & Tapas

Increase the appeal of your food with an with an attractive Sushi or Tapas case. Your sushi and tapas will stay cooled and at food safe temperatures. Many of these refrigerated display cases even have sliding glass doors so restocking from behind the counter is easy. Each sushi and tapas refrigerator is specially designed to keep your creations at safe holding temperatures, ensuring your customers always get the best-tasting and freshest food. Because of their stainless steel and strong tempered glass constructions, they’re also attractive additions that allow customers to easily browse your selection.

Serve Over Counters

A refrigerated Serve Over Counter is perfect for your sandwich shop, cafeteria, pizzeria, or grocery store. Each refrigerated display maintains the correct temperature to keep meats, cheeses, salads, and other deli items chilled and at safe serving temps. Our range includes machines with temperatures specific for the correct storage and display of your diary, cold meats, fresh fish and patisserie products.