Vegetable Preparation Machines

We have a great selection of high quality veg prep machines all deigned to make your kitchen work more efficiently.

Commercial Vegetable Cutters

Our huge selection of Commercial Vegetable Cutters and slicers includes options for your low- or high-volume preparation needs. We have machines that sit on your counter-tops and stands through to the highest volume floor standing models. Most machines have sturdy legs with rubber stoppers that prevent it from sliding around during use.

Potato Peelers

Our range of Potato Peelers are the easiest and quickest to clean, they’re also built to last, with exceptional durability and outstanding reliability.

So what you could spend on prepared potatoes in the short term, you can invest in a peeler that will work for you for the long term. A commercial peeler eliminates the time-consuming task of peeling foods by hand. These units are designed for your high-volume kitchen and can peel multiple kilos of potatoes per hour with the simple push of a button.

Salad Washer Dryers

Commercial Salad Washer Dryers are great for any restaurant, buffet, or cafeteria that serves lots of house salads side salads, or offers a salad bar. These vegetable washers dryers gently prepare and wash your salad leaves then help you remove excess water from your washed vegetables. They are plumber with a fresh water supply and a waste water connection so all you have to do is add your salad and press go!

Potato Chippers

A potato chipper is a vital piece of equipment for establishments who serve high volumes of chips, particularly where you have the highest standards.