Refrigerated Cabinets

Our range of Refrigerated Cabinets include equipment from high end, well known manufacturers and budget brands, so we have commercial refrigerators and freezers to suit all budgets.

Reach-In Refrigerators

A Reach-In Refrigerator is one of those essential pieces of catering equipment found in all food service establishments.

We have a wide range of commercial fridges including single, double and triple door refrigerated cabinets, and from models designed to sit below a counter to medium storage larder fridges right up to the largest capacity gastronorm refrigerators.

Counter Fridges

A Commercial Counter Fridge or Prep Counter Refrigerator will make food preparation in your restaurant or cafe more efficient.

These units provide you with spacious work surfaces and undercounter freezers to keep essential ingredients close to hand.

Many worktop freezer counters also come with a rear up-stand or back-splash to prevent utensils from sliding off and to protect walls from food debris.

Toppings Shelves

Adding a Topping shelf or Topping Well to your kitchen provides easy counter top access to commonly used ingredients.

These fully customisable standalone refrigerated toppings rails come in many different sizes from 4 pans through to 12 and the ability to split those 1/3 pans down further to 1/6 or 1/9 gastronorm capacities.

Blast Chillers & Blast Freezers

Blast Chillers, Blast Freezers and Shock Freezers are designed to cool prepared foods quickly and reduce the risk of  bacteria growth.

Blast chillers, blast freezers or shock freezers as they are often known are essential pieces of refrigeration equipment if your restaurant cooks foods in advance for re-heating later. 

These powerful machines can chill foods in as little as 90 minutes and freeze in 180 minutes, so they’ll protect your meat, fish, and poultry from entering the food temperature danger zone. 

Drawer Fridges

A Drawer Fridge or chef base will keep ingredients or prepared meals close to your cooking station, making food prep more efficient.

Place cooking equipment like ovens and fryers, on top of these commercial refrigerated drawer units, or slide bases underneath prep tables. 

We have units from 2 to 8 drawers and options to include refrigeration, freezer and blast chilling.

Fish Fridges

A Fish Fridge or Fish keeper will keep your expensive fresh produce at the perfect temperature to ensure quality is maintained and food safety at its highest.

Our range of fish refrigerators are designed to keep fish in in its perfect food safe temperature range of -1 to +1 Deg C. Fish is stored in polypropylene or stainless steel trays in cabinets of cabinets of varying capacities from 4 to over ten trays.

Pizza Prep & Saladette Counter Fridges

Use a Pizza prep or saladette counter fridge for speedy meal preparation in your restaurant or cafe!

These restaurant prep counters keep all your commonly used ingredients such as salads and grated cheese close to hand thanks to their various compartments and ingredient bins.