Display Freezers

Our great range of glass sliding and hinged cabinet display freezers are essential pieces or retail refrigeration for your convenience store or retail outlet.

Glass Door Display Freezers

A Glass Door Display Freezer provides you with the storage space you need, and the glass doors help your customers find the product they need before opening the door. This way, they won't let out cold air as they search for frozen food, saving you both energy and money. These freezers come with one, two, or three doors or sections to accommodate the storage capacity you require while fitting in your available shop space.

Glass Lid Freezers

A Glass Lid Freezer is the perfect addition to any convenience store or cafe wanting to offer great product visibility without the customer needing to open the door.

Our range of chest freezers are available in a wide range of volumes to fit in the smallest space, or offer the largest product holding capacity. They are available with sliding or hinged doors, and with either flat or curved glass displays for great product presentation.

Supermarket & Island Display Freezer 

Add a single Supermarket & Island Display Freezer or a group to your convenience store or retail area for great product presentation.

A glass display freezer cabinet is essential for any convenience store, bakery, supermarket, diner, cafe, or other commercial establishment. These units are designed to not only keep your frozen foods stored at the proper temperatures, but also to display them in a visually-appealing way. Since each freezer features at least one glass side, customers can easily see the contents, which can help increase impulse sales.

Ice Cream Freezers

An Ice Cream Freezer is an essential piece of equipment for your corner shop cafe, grocery store or shopping centre concession stand. By having one of these display freezers in your shop, you’ll be able to store and display from 4 to well over 20 different flavours if ice cream or gelato in Napoli pans.