Food Preparation Equipment

We have a huge range of food preparation equipment that will make your daily tasks much simpler. Whether you’re looking for meat slicers and scales for use in your deli or a dough mixer for your pizzeria we have what you need.


Powerful, attractive Commercial Blenders for every kitchen. Ordinary food blenders can't touch the blending experience that a commercial blender can deliver.

From soups and sauces to marinades and dressings a Stick Blender, Immersion Blender or Culinary Blender gives commercial kitchens all over the world the reliable performance they need to create perfect food.

Food Mixers

Commercial planetary mixers and dough mixers are available in a huge range of sizes, from small 5 Litre. counter top models all the way up to 100 Litre floor units.

Most mid to large size bakeries will have several large floor units, and might benefit from a countertop unit's portable nature, which will lend itself to mixing up small batches of icing or fillings quickly and easily.

Food Packaging Machines

Choose from our wide range of Food Packaging Machines designed to make your food last longer, cook better and be prepared more efficiently.

Meat Processing Equipment

Our range of meat processing equipment will allow you to process your own bulk buy products to the exact requirement for your menu rather than relying on your wholesaler or butcher to prepare your meats for you - and charge you for doing so!

Our range of machines vary from light to heavy duty but are all constructed to the highest food hygiene and safety standards.

Vegetable Preparation Machines

We have a great selection of high quality veg prep machines all deigned to make your kitchen work more efficiently.

Catering Scales

We have Portioning Scales that will help your kitchen with consistent portion control and keep costs down and receiving scales to easily check of your suppliers delivery quantities are correct and accurate.

Our digital scales are quick and easy to clean, ensuring that you can maintain hygiene standards throughout the kitchen. Digital scales are also space-efficient and can be battery or mains-powered, providing convenience whether on the counter or on the go at food stalls and mobile catering.

Many scales have a removable platform which makes this process even simpler. Some models also feature a protective shield that keeps any grease, moisture or dust away and keeping them in prime condition.

Food Dehydrators

Now you can make your own in-house beef jerky, vegetable crisps, and fruit preserves without harsh additives and preservatives. These dehydrators are designed to keep close track of time and temperature to ensure that items aren’t 'overcooked'.

Make your own vegetable crisps, beef jerky, and more using a commercial food dehydrator. These dehydrators are designed to retain the flavour of food without the use of additives and preservatives, allowing you to create healthy dining options for guests at your restaurant! You can place your commercial dehydrator on your counter or store it away in a cabinet, thanks to its compact size, which will help you free up space for prep.

A commercial food dehydrator also eliminates that unnatural smoky flavour you find in commercially processed meats.

Marinade meats and season veggies before drying them for an extra savoury flavour. Choose from tier and tray-style racks to dehydrate large batches of food at a time, and try a dehydrator with over a dozen shelves to make extra-large quantities.

Food Processors

We have a huge range of commercial food processors able to process a range of food types and to a volume that suits your business.

Bakery & Pizza Dough Machines

Rollers, rounders & dividers are great for getting that perfect shape and size you need. These time saving machines will help you in busy environments, where speed is essential. But not only that, these will also guarantee you get the best and accurate portion sizes so wastage is at a minimum.

If you need something more specialist just call out sales team on 01304 827272 as there are many more models available that we do not show on the website.