Food Mixers

Commercial planetary mixers and dough mixers  are available in a huge range of sizes, from small 5 Litre. counter top models all the way up to 100 Litre floor units.

Most mid to large size bakeries will have several large floor units, and might benefit from a countertop unit's portable nature, which will lend itself to mixing up small batches of icing or fillings quickly and easily.

Planetary Mixers

These food mixers are one of the most versatile and important pieces of equipment found in any commercial kitchen. With available attachments, a typical mixer can be used for anything from mixing dough to dicing potatoes.

Dough Mixers 

Dough mixers (also known as spiral mixers) consist of a spiral-shaped agitator that remains stationary, while the bowl revolves around it. This specialised design makes them great for mixing large quantities of dough at a time.

Food Mixer Accessories

We have a wide range of accessories that will compliment your commercial mixer. Maybe you want an additional mixing bowl or need replacement tools, either way we can help.

Due to the huge range of accessories offered we only show the most commonly asked for on the website. If you need something not displayed just call our sales team on 01304 827272 and we will try and track id down for you.

Food Emulsifiers

Make the perfect sauces, mayonnaise and vinaigrettes with a commercial Food emulsifying machines. These emulsifiers or homogenising machines are specifically designed for dealing with and come with a high speed motor with variable speed control.