Food Processors

We have a huge range of commercial food processors able to process a range of food types and to a volume that suits your business.

Automatic Sieves

An Automatic Sieve is the perfect machine for producing juices, fruit purees, vegetable mousses, sauce bases, bisques and fish soups.

Strain soups, bisques or sauces, extract fruit pulp or separate fibres from vegetables.

All parts are made of stainless steel to ensure easy cleaning and durability. Continuous feed hopper for ease of use and time saving. All parts in contact with food are easily removed and are dishwasher safe.

Food Graters

An Electric Food Grater or Cheese Grater is an essential piece of commercial catering equipment  for your pizzeria, deli, sandwich shop, or restaurant.

By using an electric food grater you will be able to prepare large amounts of shredded cheese for your pizzas, appetisers and salads much more quickly than doing it by hand. Choose from units with motors of different power capacities to find the best option for your low- or high-volume establishment.

Food Processing Machines

Commercial Food Processing Machine come in a variety of different styles, configurations, and sizes, all of which are designed to make food prep more efficient.

A  stainless steel food processor will help you prepare all of your ingredients quickly and efficiently!  Choose from light-duty models for the occasional use, or heavy-duty processors for mixing and kneading. These food processors help you cut and blend all kinds of ingredients efficiently so you can get to other kitchen tasks.