Drinks Preparation Machines

Choose from our large range of beverage prep machines all available from stock at great online prices and from top end manufacturers.

Bar Blenders

A Commercial bar Blender can blend thick drinks like smoothies or milkshakes and even break down hard foods like chocolate chips, carrots, almonds, or ice.

Our bar blenders are powerful, yet simple to operate. Equipped with ergonomic controls that are easy to reach and understand, they help bartenders focus on blending and serving customers quickly instead of wasting time with complicated controls.


A Commercial Juicer or juice extractor makes it easy to serve your customers freshly made orange juice or fruit and vegetable juices without a great deal of time needed for preparation.

If you want to offer your customers the benefits of a healthy alternative to alcohol or coffee then a juicer is the perfect solution. We offer products in a variety of styles, including centrifugal, continuous feed, masticating, and standard citrus models. Available for a wide range of uses, our juicing machines can easily handle anything you throw at them. 

Spindle Mixers

Add a Spindle Mixer or Milkshake Machine to your café, ice cream parlour, diner, or restaurant so you can offer your guests their favourite traditional ice cream desserts!

The versatility of a commercial spindle mixer milkshake machine makes it a great addition to any foodservice establishment, allowing you to make malts, milkshakes, frozen drinks, and more. You can even let patrons customise their drinks by blending together various ice cream flavours, flavoured sodas, and other toppings.