Kitchen Plate Racks & Gantries

Our range of chefs racks and mobile plate racks will provide additional space for plated or partially plated meals. Add a one, two or three tier chefs rack to any work surface, bench or counter refrigerator to create a pass area. 

Chefs Racks

Our range of chefs racks can add some much needed space to a hot cupboard, counter fridge or workbench. Add space or create a pass with a stainless steel chefs rack ranging from single tier 1000mm wide to three tier 1800mm, available either heated with quartz lamps or as an ambient shelf.

Plate Racks

In any kitchen, space is in high demand, but with plate transport racks, you can easily save room.

Our mobile plate racks and trolleys are designed with adjustable arms that allow for plates, dishes, or trays of varying shapes and sizes to be quickly, simply, and securely stored as well as removed with the greatest of ease. They are widely used in commercial kitchens: restaurants, cafeterias, resorts, casinos, hospitals, nursing homes, cruise ships, hotels, and more.