Ordering Advice

If unsure about making a choice or any of the machine features then please ask us.

We would much rather spend time now ensuring you make an informed choice than helping you solve problems later.

Each piece of equipment will have its own considerations but in brief...

For equipment that uses water
If you are in a hard water area where there is a possibility of limescale deposits damaging or affecting the machines performance a water treatment system MUST be used – we can advise and supply if needed.

For equipment that uses gas
A Gas Safe registered commercial engineer MUST be used to install the equipment correctly and safely, in fact it is often a condition of the manufacturer`s warranty that a professional installation is carried out.

For equipment that uses electricity
A competent person should be used to ensure that the machine is safely installed, that the wiring and fuses at your premises are correctly rated and that earth bonding is completed where needed.

For refrigeration equipment
Any refrigerators or freezers should be allowed to sit for 24 hours before switching on to allow compressor oils to settle after transportation.
Often items such as serve overs or multidecks will require a degree of self assembly as the glass parts of these units are generally packaged separately for safer transportation.

Many carriers will insist on pavement delivery only as their insurance policies do not cover their drivers entering customer premises.

Many of the items sold are heavy and will require extra care when moving them especially if you have stairs or other obstructions.
Many of the items sold are large so it is essential that you measure doorways before ordering.