Meat Processing Equipment

Our range of meat processing equipment will allow you to process your own bulk buy products to the exact requirement for your menu rather than relying on your wholesaler or butcher to prepare your meats for you - and charge you for doing so! 

Our range of machines vary from light to heavy duty but are all constructed to the highest food hygiene and safety standards.

Meat Mincers

All of our meat mincer or meat grinder machines are made from durable materials that will last for years of continuous use.

Most meat mincers that we stock have the option of multiple grinding plates, each of which has different sized holes for making finely or coarsely minced meat. 

Meat Slicers

Keep your deli or sandwich shop stocked with freshly sliced meats and with a commercial meat slicers.

With our wide variety of models designed for different levels of use, from light to heavy duty we have just the right meat slicer for a slow-paced restaurant or a busy deli.

Our meat slicers can easily cut through vegetables and processed meats to fill your customers' orders, and with blade sizes ranging from 220mm to 350mm you're sure to find the perfect slicer to match your requirements.