Dish & Glasswashers

We have a full range of medium and high end warewashing machines from well trusted UK based brands and the knowledge to help you choose the right machine.


These machines are the unsung heroes in any commercial kitchen however large or small. With models coping with volumes from 100 plates an hour to well over 10,000 an hour, we are sure to have a machine that suits your business.


Our huge range of commercial bar glasswashers from mid to high end manufacturers, at a range of competitive prices to suit all budgets.

A glasswasher helps your staff keep up with customer orders during rush hour, since it’s designed to reduce clean-up time and effort. And, since they operate by the simple push of a button, employees of any skill level can operate these machines.

Dishwasher and Glasswasher Accessories

We have a large range of ware washing baskets, machine parts, stands and ware washing chemicals to make sure you get the best from your new glasswasher or commercial dishwasher.

Polishing Machines

Save time and effort by adding a cutlery or glass polishing machine to your ware washing area. Get sparkling results and remove the need for staff hand polishing which is both costly and a poor use of their time.