Commercial grills in their many forms are a popular piece of catering equipment found in most food service businesses from a single head panini grill in a small cafe to a 1500mm wide char grill in a busy steakhouse.


The under-fired or open-hearth chargrill is one of the most popular of all grills. It is basically a firebox with a top grate of cast iron or steel on which to broil food. The top grate itself becomes very hot and is designed to add sear marks to the food. This is the chargrill “signature” or trademark.

Contact Grills

The popularity of sandwiches in virtually all foodservice operator segments has expanded the use of small two-sided griddles called pane bella or panini grills. These small grills are not designed for heavy-duty grilling of meats, but they are idea for scoring or marking flatbreads and heating various sandwich creations. They typically have either one or two upper platens and a single or two lower griddle plates. Their compact size and lower power requirements make them good candidates for use in retail applications and kiosks.

Crepe Machines

Are generally available as either a single plate or double plate grill. The plates are usually an enamelled cast iron plate creating an even heat distribution.
Whilst they are commonly used for crepes or pancakes they can also be used for buckwheat cakes, Indian tempura, Indonesian chapati, blini, and more. Also popular in Asian cuisine to prepare Peking duck.

Hot Dog Grills

Or roller grills as they are otherwise known. Not the most versatile type of grill but are never out of fashion and are popular all over the world.

Waffle Irons

Commonly used by mobile caterers for creating delicious waffles with a range of toppings but becoming more popular as an occasional item on a hotel buffet line as an alternative to crepes.