Food Holding & Warming

Our huge range of Food Holding and Warming equipment can be purchased online at great prices.

Bain-maries also known as a water bath or double boiler is a type of heated bath used in commercial kitchens cooking to heat food gently or to keep food warm over a period of time.

Chip scuttles or chip dump stations are a great addition to buffets, cafeterias, and convenience stores because it keeps pre-made fried foods at safe serving temperatures.

Cook and Hold Ovens are designed to cook your most popular dishes and keep them hot until serving.

Drawer Warmers provide excellent temperature control for a variety of food products.

Heated Banquet Cabinets and banquet carts keep dishes and pre-plated meals warm until service, so you can prepare food in advance.

Hot Cupboards or Plate warmers provide a number of useful functions in your busy commercial kitchen.

Insulated Food Carriers are an essential piece of equipment for most types of commercial foodservice establishment. 

Heated plate and dish warmers will keep dishes and plates warm and close to hand at your buffet area or keep plates close to your plating up area with a static plate warmer.