Carving Stations & Food Servery

Our range of Carving Stations and Food Servery Equipment provides a functional and attractive way of both presenting your food and keeping at perfect serving temperatures.

Carvery Stations

A carvery station is the idea addition to any buffet-style restaurant or catered event. Cut, carve, hold, and serve turkey or chicken breast, roast beef, ham, and other speciality meats directly on the cutting board base, while maintaining food safe temperatures with the attached heat lamps.

Heated Bases

Our range of Heated bases or heated toppers as they are often called are designed for the simple, yet effective presentation of your beautiful heated food.

Counter Top Cold Servers

Our counter top cold servers are carefully designed for maximum aesthetic and functional appeal. All of our Counter Topper displays offer unparalleled food holding and display solutions.

Counter Top Hot Servers

Heated units or buffet toppers are an attractive method of presenting food at the forefront of your customer’s attention to prompt impulsive buying, increasing customer satisfaction and sales. 

Hanging Heat Lamps

Hanging heat lamps offer fresh looks to transform your foodservice operation into a contemporary space.