Kitchen Ventilation Systems & Extraction Canopies

The correct design and installation of kitchen ventilation and extraction equipment is critical to the efficient, safe and effective operation of all foodservice kitchens.

Improperly sized or un-balanced systems can affect the performance of cooking and refrigeration equipment, degrade the work environment, waste energy and even impact patron comfort and their front-of-the-house dining experience.  

Improperly designed or maintained ventilation systems can also infract environmental regulations designed to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Kitchen ventilation design is a complex topic and making the correct choice on what system to purchase has safety, legal and operational considerations so getting advice is vital.

Our extraction systems available online fall into the following categories and are generally for simpler less demanding environments.

Condensate Canopies are general canopies for the collection and removal of steam, vapour, heat and odours, where grease is not present.  This type of canopy may or may not have grease filters or baffles and would typically be used over dishwashers, steam tables, and similar equipment. In addition, canopies within this category can sometimes be used over ovens, steamers or steam-jacketed kettles if it is determined that they do not produce smoke or grease laden vapours.

Extraction Canopies or as they are sometimes called, Grease Canopies, are used for the collection and removal of grease and smoke.  They always include grease filters or baffles for the removal of grease. This type of canopy is used over restaurant equipment that produces smoke or grease-laden vapours, such as fryers, ranges, griddles, broilers, ovens, tilt skillets, steam combination ovens etc. 

Recirculation Canopies are generally used where smoke or cooking fumes are produced by electric cooking equipment. The grease is captures by standard baffle filters then the dirty air progressively cleaned by a series of paper filters and carbon blocks. This clean air is then recirculated within the room.

Recirculation canopies cannot be used over gas equipment and they will not remove heat from the kitchen so the purchaser should be knowledgeable on their limitations and use.

Bespoke Extraction Canopies -We are able to provide a full planning and design service, including noise surveys and supporting customers through the local authority planning process if required.

As a potentially complex subject please call us on 01304 827272 for advice before making a purchase.