Maidaid FX Series Flight Conveyor Dishwasher

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Product Description

  • FX belt-conveyor range extends to 8 standard versions
  • DO50. A detergent saving system that deviates part of the rinse water to the pre-wash tank, to reduce the detergent needed in  the wash area.
  • Bayonet type fast coupling wash arms with concave self cleaning impressed jets.
  • Deep-formed pre-wash tank, with rounded corners, designed to prevent thermal losses.
  • Special belts for trays, in flight catering and hospitals available
  • Belt fingers are designed for strength and durability, holding products at the optimum angle for best cleaning action.
  • To sanitise dishes, the DIN 10510 norms prescribe a minimum contact time between the detergent and the surfaces to sanitise, proportional to the bacterial load existing on the surfaces themselves.
  • Deep-formed wash tank, with rounded corners, to help avoid dirt traps and aid cleaning.
  • Dryer air jet from knife edge slot is angled on all models to optimise the drying of products.
  • Centralised drain plug aids complete emptying of the tank without removal.