Chest Freezers

A Commercial Chest Freezer is essential for storing bulk food items in your restaurant kitchen or convenience store.

The spacious interior in each freezer allows you to stock bulk items like chips, packaged foods, ice cream or pre-bagged ice.
Most of these chest freezers come in a variety of capacities and widths ranging from 600mm wide to over 2000mm so we are certain to have one that fits your business needs.

These freezers have a thick wall and lid thickness so by design keep products frozen and at food safe temperatures.
All commercial freezers have a white powder coated exterior - some have a white lid, others a stainless steel lid so can be used as a worktop where space is tight.

All of our chest freezers work at standard freezing ranges but we have a few models that work to ultra low temperatures for use with speciality products or even laboratory use.

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