Pizza Prep & Saladette Counter Fridges

Use a Pizza prep or saladette counter fridge for speedy meal preparation in your restaurant or cafe!

These restaurant prep counters keep all your commonly used ingredients such as salads and grated cheese close to hand thanks to their various compartments and ingredient bins.

We have options in a range of sizes from two door 4 pan saladetts that can fit in compact spaces up to the largest units with five doors and the capacity for sixteen gastronorm pans Each sandwich prep table can store ingredients on the top while holding other bins and items in the cabinets underneath.

All have a working or preparation area in front of the saladettes which is sometimes stainless steel but can be a nylon chopping board or a full marble work surface best suited for pizza prep.

If you need help selecting the right refrigerated counter for your business just call our sales team on 01304 827272.