Restaurant Equipment Accessories

When purchasing restaurant equipment you may need cooking equipment accessories to enable you to get the best out of your new appliances. We have a large range of supporting equipment designed to compliment your new catering equipment.

Outdoor Cooking Equipment Accessories
Our range of high quality BBQ accessories has been picked to help you care for your new barbecue machine and get the most out of it.

Commercial grill Accessories
Our complete range of Commercial Grill Stands and Wall Brackets can be seen here

Commercial Oven Accessories
Everything you need to complement your new oven purchase from stands to cleaning materials

Cooking Equipment Accessories
We have huge range of accessories for your kitchen equipment, there is so much available we can`t list them all. From manufactures world wide we can help you get the best from your equipment. 

Hot Cupboard Accessories
We have a large selection of Hot Cupboard Accessories available to add onto your existing heated cart or to add to your new purchase as optional extras.

Add handles, castors and bumper bars if your hot cupboard will be moved often.
A tray slide will convert your hot cupboard into a convenient serving area for your customers for canteen style businesses.

Kitchen Ventilation Accessories
Our range of Kitchen Ventilation Accessories includes internal an external fan packs with a flange set and speed controller.

Designing and installing an extraction ventilation system, particularly where gas cooking is involved, should be carried out by a specialist. A range of calculations have to be carried out to ensure that a safe and legal air flow is maintained.

Pasta Cooker & Fryer Accessories
We have a range of accessories and replacements for your pasta cooker and fryers including spare baskets and oil filtering systems.

In order to keep your commercial fryer in good working condition, you should regularly filter the oil you’re using to remove food debris. This debris can clog your fryer, causing it to work more slowly and costing you extra money in energy costs and reduce the quality of your fried food