Salamander Grills & Cheesemelters

Salamanders grills, cheesemelter grill and snack grills are the perfect piece of catering equipment for browning the tops of casseroles, melting cheese, or reheating foods.

A cheesemelter is perfect for putting the final touches on entrees before serving. With their simple designs, you can use your salamander to toast sandwiches or reheat food that was cooked earlier in the day. This can save your staff time during peak hours by allowing them to prepare a lot of food ahead of time and reheat it prior to serving.

Many of these salamander grills are designed to retain heat while on standby so you can quickly start up the grill for last minute use, rather than waiting for the unit to completely reheat.
Energy efficient plate detection systems on some of these models will only use energy when a plate is present, saving money on your energy bill and reducing the heat in your kitchen.

Most models can be wall mounted or sited above a range oven on a shelf. Others have floor stands available as an accessory and some are more suited to simply placing on a work bench.

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