Bain Maries

A bain-marie also known as a water bath or double boiler is a type of heated bath used in commercial kitchens cooking to heat food gently or to keep food warm over a period of time.

Bain Maries are available as we or dry heat and with either round pots or gastronorm pans.

Dry Well Bain Marie work in a similar fashion to a standard oven, but use less energy than a Wet Well Bain Marie. A Dry Well is easier to move than a Wet Well as it removes the risk of spillage. A Dry Well Bain Marie is ideal for reheating foods such as breads, pastries and soups or any food with a long cooking time such as stews or potatoes.


Wet Well Bain Marie uses moist heat from humidifiers within the machine to release small amounts of moisture into the holding areas, this prevents the food from drying out without making it soggy. A Wet Well tends to heat up quicker but uses more energy than a Dry Well. A Wet Well Bain Marie is Ideal for vegetables and many other types of food.