Bratt Pans

Bratt pans, tilting skillets or braising pans as they are sometimes known are fabricated with a stainless steel or cast iron flat griddle plate base, with vertical sidewalls, a front pouring lip and a hinged, stainless steel cover.

The entire pan body tilts to assist in product transfer and to assist with cleaning.  

Bratt pans have the reputation of being a commercial kitchen workhorse because no other piece of cooking equipment can brown or braise large quantities of meat, such as ground beef, faster or more easily.  
The hot griddle surface can also be used to shallow pan fry chicken and fish, plus prepare the full range of griddle-cooked foods.  The bratt pan can be used to sauté vegetables or prepare a stirfry for dozens of people.  

These units are also used for preparing soups, stew and sauces, although if this is your primary reason for considering a purchase you may want to consider a boiling kettle instead.  

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Bratt Pans