Cup Dispensers

Keep your fast food beverage area or self service buffet tidy and hygienic with a tube style cup dispenser.

The best way to navigate and find the correct dispenser for you. Take these simple steps, these steps are mirrored in our filter choices on the left.

Where will you dispenser be located,
Surface mounted on a wall or mounted within a cabinet.

How will the cups be dispensed,
Pull down from underneath with gravity or pushed up or along with an elevator.

What size dispenser will I need,
Just measure the rim of the cup in mm.

If you need help just call our sales team on 01304 827272.

Nearly every coffee shop, fast food, and take-out restaurant or buffet style cafeteria area needs to offer plastic cups to its customers. 
Cup dispensers cut down on waste, provide a tidy storage solution and a hygienic offering to your customer.
In an office environment these units can be wall or surface mounted next to the wate coller of coffee machine.
In a front of house counter area they can be built into the counter unit providing a neat space saving option.

A cup dispenser cuts down on wasted storage space and helps you organise self-serve beverage stations or work stations behind the counter. If you run a fast food restaurant or just need a smart storage solution for back-of-house purposes, we’ve got the cup dispenser to suit your business.