Use a Multideck Refrigerator to display a variety of ready-made foods, desserts, and beverages at your foodservice.

These refrigerators are open, which makes them easily accessible to your customers. To prevent the cold air from escaping, these products blow air either horizontally or vertically across the opening, keeping the interior cold.

They are available in a wide range of widths, depths and heights to suit different locations. Some are suitable for dairy temperature goods, others have slanted shelving ideal for fruit and vegetable display and others operate at lower temperatures better suited for mat products.

Most models have a night bling or pull down insulated curtain to help save energy when customers are not in your shop.
For sites where added security is needed during closing hours we have models with lockable roller shutters.

With such a large range of refrigerated wall sited multidecks we are bound to have something perfect for your business. 
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