Ceasefire Fire Suppression Systems

Product No: LPCB

Product Description

Ceasefire’s LPCB certified Watermist Based Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems are designed exclusively for commercial kitchen environments considering the associated risks of fire. These commercial kitchen fire extinguishing systems knock down flames and bring a tremendous amount of cooling effect, while generating massive vaporisation and hence eliminating the chances of re-ignition.

This Automatic System comes equipped with a highly advanced detection module consisting of heat sensing tube based detection that offers far superior and uniform detection than conventional fire suppression systems.

With its cooling ability of 2.6 MW per litre per second, water kills even the largest of fires in minutes. Ceasefire's Watermist technology breaks water down into fine mist of less than 70 microns and displaces oxygen as a result of evaporation. Water's coverage increases 1600 times in its mist form. This causes no collateral damage, ensuring the kitchen is up and running at the earliest.

Ceasefire’s Watermist based suppression system comes with the advanced fire detection technology based on the Heat Sensing Tube. This tube gives the entire kitchen hood a uniform protection compared to the point-based detection system used in conventional methods of kitchen fire suppression. Furthermore, the state-of-the-art discharge nozzles are designed to knock-off fire arising from any kind of cooking, be it deep-frying, grilling, shallow- frying, roasting, sautéing etc. These technologically advanced nozzles ensure enhanced throw and their strategic positioning rules out any possibility of a blind spot. All these features give the Chef flexibility to move the hot and cold stations without the fear of leaving the fire safe zone.



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