Ecological Hand and Body Lotion 30ml (Pack of 100)

Product No: CU216

Product Description

Size: 30ml | Pack of 100 Make your business more appealing to your eco-conscious guests with this 30ml hand & body lotion by Ecological. Using organic ingredients, this SLS free lotion removes harmful chemicals, reducing the chance of skin irritations. It's vegan-friendly so every guest can enjoy without having to worry about what they're putting on their body. This hand & body lotion has been scented with a Eucalyptus and Sea Minerals fragrance, helping to bring a refined, crisps freshness that is sure to last for long periods.

Made from 100% recycled PET plastic, this Ecological bottle can be recycled after use. The small 30ml size allows guests to enjoy the amenities without having to worry about packing the bathroom essentials, making this hand & body lotion bottle ideal for hotels, guest houses and B&B's.

Combine with other miniature toiletries in the Ecological range like the shampoo (CU213), conditioner (CU214), shower gel (CU215) or soap (CU217) to complete your eco-friendly bathroom.


Box quantity
30 Ltr


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