Maidaid RX Series Rack Conveyor Dishwasher

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Product Description

  • The RX Evo range now includes 4 base models and one with corner pre-wash with between the the capacity to wash from 83 to 238 racks per hour
  • Full range of additional modules offering corner pre-wash, dryers both inline and corner options, steam x and heat recovery, allow tailor-made solutions
  • The RX Evo range is available with traditional electromechanical controls and display fascia or new LED control fascia
  • The NEW RX Pro range now introduces 5 base models and two with corner pre-wash with between them the capacity to wash from 100 to 400 racks per hour
  • The RX Pro range adds the features of multiple rack operating speeds with a comprehensive soft touch LCD control screen
  • Wash arms removable an an assembly for improved cleaning access and reduced water consumption
  • Five of the new models have the option of an additional pre-wash module with removal draw strainer allowing in service removal
  • Option for full range of additional modules allowing tailor-made solutions
  • Due to the ability to tailor both the RX Evo & RX Pro range to your requirements, please ask your area sales manager to carry out a site survey to ensure the selection of the best arrangement and options and then to provide a site specific quote.