VITO 50 Oil Filtration Unit V50

Product No: CP978

Product Description

Filters 50Ltr/min. 500W. Extends oil life up to 50% Reduce your oil consumption and costs by up to 50% with the innovative Vito 50 oil filtration system. Thanks to its micro-filtering system, the Vito 50 extends the lifespan of your cooking oil by slowing the rate at which it degrades. Not only does filtering frying oil regularly extend the life of your oil but it also reduces the number of times that the fryer needs to be deep cleaned, which can save you as much as 1 hour labour per day.

Suitable for most freestanding gas and electric fryers, simply place the Vito 50 directly into the oil whilst it's still hot and let the unit run for a short 5-minute cycle. The Vito 50 quickly filters the oil to 5 microns removing fine particles of burnt food, which slows the oil degradation process and gives a cleaner taste to fried food. As well as extending the lifespan of your oil, this also helps to significantly reduce the impact involved with the production, transportation, and disposal of oil from your kitchen.

Ideal for busy kitchens, this oil filtration system works while the oil is still hot so there's no time lost waiting for the fryer to cool. Easy to use, clean and maintain, the Vito 50 is the ideal solution for reducing costs, reducing waste and improving your green footprint.


400(H) x 116(W) x 75(D)mm
Stainless Steel
1 Year


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