Catering Scales

Ensure you are measuring with precise accuracy when weighing your ingredients with digital or analogue catering scales.

We have Portioning Scales that will help your kitchen with consistent portion control and keep costs down and receiving scales to easily check of your suppliers delivery quantities are correct and accurate.

Our digital scales are quick and easy to clean, ensuring that you can maintain hygiene standards throughout the kitchen.Digital scales are also space-efficient and can be battery or mains-powered, providing convenience whether on the counter or on the go at food stalls and mobile catering.

Many scales have a removable platform which makes this process even simpler. Some models also feature a protective shield that keeps any grease, moisture or dust away and keeping them in prime condition. 

If you need something more specialist just call out sales team on 01304 827272 as there are many more models available that we do not show on the website.