Chip Scuttles

A chip scuttle or chip dump station is a great addition to buffets, cafeterias, and convenience stores because it keeps pre-made fried foods at safe serving temperatures.

Chip scuttles are either supplied with a heated base with an element provided convected heat to the product or by an overhead warmer bulb that both keeps the product warm and illuminates.

Chip dumps are available as counter top models for smaller amounts aopr free standing floor models if you if you produce large amounts of onion rings, fries or calamari.
Keep these models behind your service counter, so your staff can easily access them. If you store pre-made fries and onion rings, you'll also save time because your chefs won't need to fry another batch.
When you use a countertop fry station, you can choose to keep it on a self-serve counter at your buffet for guests to help themselves.

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