Hot Cupboards

Hot Cupboards or Plate warmers provide a number of useful functions in your busy commercial kitchen.

They are available as static or mobile and can have a flat top or a bain marie top.

Static hot cupboards are generally supplied without castors and therefore should be placed in a position where moving them will not be required. They are more often used as plate warmers.

Mobile hot cupboards have 4 or more castors with the front castors being lockable.
They are either mobile to ease cleaning in the kitchen or because they are loaded up with plated food in the kitchen then wheeled to the servery location.

Hot cupboards will either have a flat work surface or inset bain marie pans so better suited for a servery.
There are many additional options available such as heated or ambient gantries, sneeze guards and overhead heating lamps, tray slides, corner bumpers and pass through doors for loading and serving from both sides.

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