Rotisserie Ovens

Roast Chicken, Meats and Vegetables in a Compact Commercial Rotisserie Oven

Add a rotisserie oven in your restaurant grocery store window to add an attractive freshly cooked offer of roasted chicken or kebabs to customers! These ovens come in many sizes to accommodate the volume of poultry you need to cook.

If you already offer roasted chicken on your menu, try a unit that can hold several dozen chickens at a time.

A commercial rotisserie oven rotates cooking food to help it bake evenly and remain juicy. You can find counter top or free standing full height models to set up against your restaurant's wall, or you can try a pass-through model that allows access from both sides. Each oven features several spits where you spear the chicken and leave it to cook. Some units also come with rotating baskets where you can place vegetables.

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