Vacuum Packaging Machines

A commercial Vacuum Packaging Machine or Vacuum Sealer is ideal for any restaurant that wants to save money by buying in bulk and at the same time wants reduce food waste or spoilage.

Vacuum sealers are designed to remove air from packaging bags and create an air tight seal to keep meat, cheese, vegetables, and more fresh and flavourful.

Recently Vacuum Packaging Machines are now used in conjunction with Sous Vide cooking to create sous vide dishes that are perfectly cooked all around and to decrease the amount of time required to marinade foodstuffs prior to cooking.

A vacuum sealing machine can make food last 3 to 5 times longer than non-packaged foods, which helps to reduce food spoilage and prolong the food's fresh taste!
Vacuum seal meats, vegetables, and cheese, or seal up any food item to complete your sous vide recipes. A commercial vacuum sealer removes all of the air out of your packaging bags and creates a leak-proof seal to prevent spillage.

Choose from a  pressure controlled vacuum sealer that gives you more control over how much air you take out of the bag, or a timer controlled vacuum sealer that times the air intake and starts sealing the bag once the air is removed.

We carry machines in many sizes to suit the quantity and type of item you need to seal, and you can choose from a food vacuum sealer with one or many seal bars to handle any product load.

If you are unsure what machine is suitable for your business just give us a call on 01304 827272 where our experienced sales team will be able to help.